Protect your product

  • Shelf life extension and 100% product protection thanks to the hermetic heat sealing, vacuum packing and gas flushing
  • Two double sided impulse heat seals
  • Minimal moving parts above the filled case

Easy to use, easy to clean

  • Elimination of operator mistakes thanks to the fully automatic format change
  • Random case height modus
  • Tool-free changeover of vacuum probe for cleaning
  • Special cleaning mode to hose down conveyors

Product description

Hermetic bag heat sealer DS-21-HE

The DS-21-HE automatically decuffs, stretches and heat seals the bag, using double sided impulse heat sealing. 

With its typical features such as hermetic heat sealing, vacuumizing, gas flushing, high level of cleanability and crate handling, this bag sealing machine meets the needs of the high demanding industries. 

The DS-21-HE standard handles one case footprint with variable heights. Upgradeable to multi case footprint.

Depending on the application, the bag heat sealer runs up to 10 c/min without vacuum nor gas flush installation.

Combine with

Combine the DS-21-HE hermetic bag heat sealing machine with a Pattyn case erector, bag inserter, weigh fillercase closer and palletizer to profit from a fully automated bulk packaging line.

Download Datasheet

Discover the benefits and technical specifications
of the DS-21-HE in one handy datasheet.


Min. L.280 x W.240 // H.190
Max. L.600 x W.400 // D.650

Dimensions DS-11

For other dimensions, please contact us.

Cardboard box
Plastic crate
“The automated and flexible packaging process of our poultry products allows us to increase our productivity and switch easily from boxes to crates.”
Bruno Vandaele, General Director
Kipco-Damaco (Belgium)

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