Customized training

You can rely on us for tailor-made training to fit your needs, such as operator training, maintenance & technician training, vision & robot training and much more.

The training can be given on site or at the Pattyn Experience Centre.

Pattyn customized training

New retrofitable solutions based on customer input

The input and feedback of our customers is very important. By listening to you, we improve our expertise. This allows us to develop new retrofitable solutions.

New retrofitable solutions based on customer input workflow

Expert advice on PE film

If you need advice about PE film from a reel you can count on the expertise of Pattyn.

  • Efficiency guarantee requirements

For each Pattyn bag inserter we provide you the film specifications that will guarantee an optimal performance.

  • Order the right film material and thickness

As raw material price is high and cost reduction is crucial, it’s very important to choose the right film material (LDPE, MDPE or HDPE) and the right film thickness for your application.

  • Necessary requirements for your film supplier

Make sure your film supplier checks the film tolerances and winding tension during extrusion, always delivers the same quality & meets the food grade standards in case of food contact.

Contact us to receive more detailed info or read more about PE film here.

PE film from a reel


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For all your questions about spare parts.

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