Designed to be better

  • No more crushed cartons thanks to the perfectly controlled case erecting.

  • Guaranteed box squareness for a trouble-free packaging process. 

  • Only 5 adjustments for a quick format change.

Minimize your running cost

  • Trouble-free case erecting even with thin cartons.

  • Lower running cost and continuous production with hot melt.

  • 15” HMI to facilitate operator convenience.

Product description

Case Erector CE-31

The box erecting machine CE-31  automatically forms cardboard boxes with length up to 730mm.

Available in hot melt or tape execution. By using hot melt to close the bottom flaps, the carton erector enables a continuous production, low running cost and a stable case transport. 

With easy format changeover and features to accommodate poor corrugated cartons, this case erector is a solid addition to your packaging line.

The CE-31 hot melt standard runs up to 16 c/min. The tape version runs up to 12 c/min (upgradeable to 16 c/min). 

Combine with

Combine the CE-31case erector with a Pattyn bag inserter, weigh filler, bag closercase closer and palletizer to profit from a fully automated bulk packaging line.

Download Datasheet

Discover the benefits and technical specifications
of the CE-31 in one handy datasheet.   


Min. L.300 x W.200 x H.150 // D.250
Max. L.730 x W.500 x H.400 // D.650
Min. A.500 x B.350
Max. A.1100 x B.900
Length – height relation: D/L < 1,3

Dimensions CE-11-P

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