Lowest possible cost

  • Produced by means of an extrusion process
  • Film is winded on a carton core
  • No further processing is needed
  • Film reel can be used directly on the bagmaker inserters

Worldwide Availability

  • Many film suppliers worldwide
  • Free to buy the film where you want
  • Negotiate the best price with your supplier
  • On-time delivery

Maximum food safety

  • Film reels are safely packed after the extrusion process
  • They are unpacked just before being loaded into the machine

The best solution for your challenge

  • 12kg reels for automatic film roll exchange
  • 60kg reels for high autonomy
  • Big reels for the XL machines
  • Use of made-to-measure or pre-made bags on the same bag inserter

"Working with reels of PE film has the advantage that the machine automatically adapts the height of the bag to the box height. Additionally we reduced our bag cost by 30%.”

- Mr. César Fraga, Manager
  SCL Coplacsil (Spain)

Download Customer Story (pdf)

Expert advice on PE film

If you need advice about PE film you can count on the expertise of Pattyn. Take a look at the GMP - Pattyn Film Division website for more information.

Efficiency guarantee requirements: for each Pattyn bag inserter we provide you the film specifications that will guarantee an optimal performance.

Order the right film material and thickness: as raw material price is high and cost reduction is crucial, it’s very important to choose the right film material (LDPE, MDPE or HDPE) and the right film thickness for your application.

Make sure your film supplier:
Checks the film tolerances and winding tension during extrusion, always delivers the same quality & meets the food grade standards in case of food contact.

Download Datasheet (pdf)


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