Right from the start ...

Original letter from our customer Confiserie Kathy, dated 1 June 1960, to Jean Pattyn, grandfather of Stan and Lynn.


"Dear sir,

For the last year we have been using the Praezi-Blitz weigh filler that you have automated for us, and I have to tell you that this machine serves me to my greatest satisfaction. And for the extraordinary service that you offer, I will strongly recommend you.


Original letter from our customer Confiserie Kathy, dated 1 June 1960

It has always been about U

Jean Pattyn designed and developed the first ‘doseur-peseur’ back in the early 60s. It weighed and dosed products, mainly for food companies. That letter… we’ve been cherishing it ever since.

When our father, Paul Pattyn, joined the company in the late 70s, we were still young and we loved to hear all about the adventures he experienced with customers worldwide. Managing a small business, our father knew every one of them personally. Back then, we often had customers dining with us. It made us so proud.

Nowadays, we support more than one thousand customers worldwide. Sadly, we can’t invite them all for dinner anymore. But we are still committed and passionate to making the most of our work and we stay eager to take our customers on a fulfilling journey.

We systematically measure how our customers experience their cooperation with us, because we set the bar high and we want to keep learning and keep getting better. Funnily enough, the customer feedback hasn’t changed too much over time. And every time we hear about the excellent journey they experienced, we realize: THAT IS WHAT KEEPS US GOING.

We keep working every day to offer this same service to every one of our customers worldwide. Of course, we are also passionate about technology and we love our products.

But in the end, time and time again, IT’S ALL ABOUT U.

Stan and Lynn Pattyn


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