Pattyn360 is based on years of experience by Pattyn Service Engineers and additional input from our customers. Thanks to this tool, extensive knowledge sharing is available anytime, anywhere: 24/7 access from your mobile phone or desktop.

  • Equipment: overview of all machines installed on your site
  • Manuals: user manual, your customized 3D spare part manual to identify quickly the right parts
  • Support: direct and easy access to support info (how to guides, FAQ, functional description, troubleshoot)
  • Reports: easy access to your service visit reports and helpdesk calls
  • Other: alarms, parameters, spare part book, electrical plan, …

Advantages of the online Pattyn portal

Limit your production downtime

  • Always rely on the most complete online helpdesk available 24/7.
  • Find accurate answers quickly and easily.
  • Learn from the history of intervention reports from Pattyn technicians.
  • Order spare parts easily with the help of the exploded spare part views.

24/7 knowledge sharing

  • Understand and operate your machines without stress.
  • Train your new technicians based on the information in Pattyn360.
  • Get up-to-date information about your equipment via this single point of truth.
Pattyn360 screenshot man before packaging machines

Download Datasheet

Discover the benefits and technical specifications of Pattyn360 in one handy datasheet. 

Pattyn360 CONNECT

The big advantage of Pattyn360 CONNECT: the historical data contains a treasure of information that makes it possible to:

  • discover pain points
  • start continuous improvement

Since your data is available for insights, as your machine is always connected, our support team can help you out even faster and limit your production downtime. 

Other useful benefits:

  • the automatically generated reports reports visualizing and analyzing your data based on Pattyn insights.
  • the possible integration with your manufacturing execution system (MES).
  • the availability of the latest and updated machine information on the HMI.

Lots of useful features!

Learn more about Pattyn360 in this video


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