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In this comprehensive exploration, we delve into the unique challenges faced by farmers, processors, and co-packers in the nut industry. Furthermore, we illustrate how our machines with features like vacuum packaging and gas flushing are tailored to the specific requirements of this particular industry.

Understanding the landscape

The nut industry presents a diverse landscape, each corner filled with its own unique set of challenges. The industry comes with its own specific bulk packaging needs: from adapting to multiple vacuum demands across different regions and addressing fluctuations in harvest times due to climate changes, to managing tight decision-making windows and navigating the unpredictable nature of harvest seasons, the industry has its hands full. Additionally, concerns about using robust barrier films to protect against sharp edges, extending shelf life, and controlling consumable costs add to the complexity.

Within this complicated web of challenges, Pattyn has taken a meticulous approach to identify and understand the pain points within the nut industry, culminating in a standout solution.

How Pattyn eases the pain

In response to the industry's shift for automation in industrial packaging and need for bag decuffing, gassing, vacuuming and sealing, Pattyn has developed an automation line specifically tailored for the unique needs of the nut industry. Our game-changing solutions not only eliminate existing problems, but introduce gains that redefine industry standards.

Our automated line provides a seamless, streamlined process and eliminates operator dependencies. The heart of this line is the bag inserter. Depending on specific film roll and volume needs, Pattyn offers a dedicated case erector and bag inserter or the combined solution CEFLEX-41, a versatile machine handling both case erecting and bagmaking – inserting at an impressive rate of up to 10 cases per minute. Paired with a linear vibratory weigh filler, the nut products will be efficiently packed in no time.

Featuring hermetic heat sealing, optional vacuum packaging, and gas flushing, the DS-21-HE significantly extends product shelf life. The modified atmosphere technique lets our customer get closer to the harvest, naturally extending the shelf life when compared to traditional bag closing methods. To complete the packaging process, our CC-41 automatically folds the top case flaps and closes them with precision, ready for transportation.

Nut industry: understanding its challenges and successes by Pattyn

By reducing film costs with 60kg rolls and incorporating the unique DS-21-HE Bag Sealer, we've eliminated guesswork, offering a reliable and high-capacity solution. Integrated multi-head and linear weigh fillers ensure the highest hygienic conditions, instilling confidence in end customers. The modular installation provides flexibility, ensuring a tailor-made approach to nut packaging.

In a nutshell, Pattyn fully understands the obstacles in the nut industry and committed to lend a helping hand. Our dedication lies in crafting solutions that not only simplify your processes but also enhance overall efficiency, so you can stride forward with confidence.


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