Minimize your product giveaway

  • Very accurate bag-in-box tobacco filler with multiple filling stations.
  • Combining weighing and shaking for optimal tobacco distribution in box.
  • Flaps up filling principle for minimal spillage, less than 0.05%.

Maximize your fill value and product quality

  • Vacuum compacting technology integrated in tobacco press for less drop in fill value and quality ratio, which occurs during compacting. 

Product description

XL Tobacco weigh filler

The bulk weigh filler VWF-11-XL is a very accurate machine for the automatic filling and weighing of cut, expanded or reconstituted tobacco which requires filling into polybag lined tobacco boxes. This can be lined C48, C96 and C90 boxes or bins for internal use or storage. 

Equipped with multiple filling stations combining high accuracy with high capacity and provides a continuous tobacco supply at an output of up to 1 c/min and up to 6 tons/hour, with an accuracy of up to 200 g.


XL tobacco weigh filler

Combine with

Combine the bag-in-box tobacco weigh filler with a Pattyn XL case erector, XL bag inserter and XL bag closer to profit from a fully automated bulk packaging line.


  • Virgin or re-used C48 telescopic case:
    Footprint L.1138 x W.715 // H. 755
  • Virgin or re-used C96 telescopic case:
    Footprint L.1138 x W.715 // H. 378
  • Virgin C90 non-telescopic case:
    Footprint L.1200 x W.800

For other dimensions, please contact us.

Tobacco box
C48 / C96 tobacco box
plastic pallet bin
plastic pallet bin

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