Maximum Automation on minimum footprint

  • Compact and high speed pick & place system
  • Box conveying engineered for an optimal flow
  • Consistent packing of your products - 24/7
  • Non-conform products are ejected

One solution for all types of frozen bread products

  • Quick changeover between products & boxes
  • In-line product specific quality control & counting
  • Robot picking adaptable to a wide range of products
  • Bulk products can be packed independently from the robots

Product description


An innovative and unique packing solution for the bread industry. Argoswing-41 combines quality control by 3D and color vision, counting and pick & place packing of your bakery products into one system. 

Highly accurate 3D scanning guarantees that only perfect products are picked and makes sure that non-conform products are ejected at the end of the line. 

The pick & place system robots are ceiling mounted for an increased speed and minimal interference with the products.  Individual lifts bring the boxes to an optimal picking height to avoid drops or extra movements. Every robot has 2 individual suction cups to ensure gentle handling of your products. The cups are designed in such a way that they can handle any type of product, even heavily seeded types of bread. 

With the optional bulk box filler MEC-11 it is possible to also handle bulk bread products, allowing a quick changeover between products on the same line. The vision system counts the products and the MEC-11 creates and puts the batches in the right boxes at the end of the line without usage of the pick & place system. 

The Argoswing-41 handles (per robot):
- Up to 2500 products/hour for 1 drop
- Up to 1750 products/hour for 2 drops


Combine with

Combine the Argoswing-41 with a Pattyn case erector, bag inserter, bag sealercase closer and palletizer to profit from a fully automated bulk packaging line.

Download Datasheet

Discover the benefits and technical specifications
of the Argoswing-41 in one handy datasheet.   


Min. L.400 x W.300  // D.250
Max. L.610 x W.410 // D.550

Dimensions CE-11-P

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