Robotized packing 

  • Packs fragile products in boxes.
  • Optimises the number of products in boxes requiring a special packaging pattern.
  • Offers a multitude of packing possibilities thanks to its flexibility.
  • Selects and packs only the products following your quality requirements.
  • Using 3D scanning technique to change the grip height. 
  • Pick up tools specifically designed for the bakery industry by Pattyn Bakery Division. 
  • Unique pick-up strategy optimising speed. 
  • Quality control of each product


  • Easy to use & highly flexible. Thanks to the expert vision system, it’s possible to count all kind of products.
  • Vision system dedicated to the processing of industrial bakery or pastry product images. 

Product description


PATTYN  proposes a unique system combining a counting application AND a robot handling system sharing the same vision system at the infeed of the main conveyor.

- When products require to be organized into the case, the system will use the robotic function to pick up products and organize them into the box.
- When products can be bulkpacked into the box, the system will use the counting function and products will be dropped into the box. 

The Argorobot with double pick-up:
- Handles up to 2200 products/hour for 1 drop
- Handles up to 1650 products/hour for 2 drops.

The Argorobot counts up to 60.000 small products/hour.

Combine with

Combine the Argorobot with a Pattyn case erector, bag inserter, bag sealer and case closer to profit from a fully automated bulk packaging line.

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