Protect your product

  • Optimize the dropping height to each container.
  • Automatic adjustment.

Increase your productivity

  • High capacity with a compact design.
  • Only two adjustments to change to a different format

The best payback on the market

  • One machine to replace several operators.

Product description

Odyssey Case packer

Dedicated to the bakery industry
The Odyssey packer makes it possible to drop bags from a bagging machine into a box or cardboard tray.

This solution was developed for the needs of the industrial bakery and pastry sector. The Odyssey is a reliable and robust machine capable of reaching high cadences.

The system offers a unique dropping height adjustment to fit the box height and minimize the drops of the bags.

The system proposes several modules to handle the bags. 
The Odyssey Case Packer handles:
- Up to 40 drops/min
- Up to 50 bags/min
- Up to 20 boxes/min


Combine with

Combine the Odyssey Case packer with a Pattyn case erector, bag inserter, bag sealercase closer and palletizer to profit from a fully automated bulk packaging line.

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