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Stan Pattyn tells more about our revolutionary and unique 3-in-1 robot packaging solution, Argoswing-31. This machine is only one part of the complete solution. Let's have a look together at the complete line.

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A 3-in-1 robot packaging solution that meets the 5 most important needs of the bakery industry today.

  1. Flexible packaging solution: The robots are very flexible and can pick up any type of frozen bread product. So we can adapt the solution to your new, future products and higher capacity needs.


  2. Flexibility in packaging styles: Our solution does not only allow bag-in-box packaging but also multiple bags in a box or even individually packed products. For example, products can be sent to a flowpacker for individual packaging. 
  3. Compact & accessible: Argoswing-31 is a very compact solution, but is still very accessible for cleaning or maintenance.
  4. Quality control: Our updated 3D vision system with linear camera allows detailed quality checks. Not only dimensional controls (e.g. length, width and height), but also aspect related controls such as baking degree or the presence of scoring in the baguettes.
  5. Gentle product treatment: The Argoswing-31 even takes care of your most fragile frozen bread products.
Argoswing-31 robots picking half-baguettes

Machines that complete the line

  • CE-31 - Case erecting
    Our case erector is available in tape or hot melt execution. We recommend the use of hot melt for a bakery project. An interesting new option is the APL (Automatic Plano Loading) system that automatically loads the planos onto the machine.

  • ZIM-31 - Bag inserting
    Our most compact bag inserter. It's an ideal solution for bakery applications: compact, fast and excellent bag insertion quality. This machine is also equipped with an optional inkjet printer for product traceability and automatic film roll exchange to provide a continuous production.

Pattynnovation packaging line overview
  • DS-31 - Bag sealing
    The new bag closer perfectly protects your product by sealing. Additionally, the new feature "Product Level Check" guarantees a smooth box flow. 

  • CC-31 - Case closing
    The heavy duty case closer is built for 24/7 production. We recommend the use of a floating tape head for bakery projects.

  • CEPAL-11 - Palletizing
    The robot palletizer easily & automatically stacks your boxes. It's skid mounted for fast & easy installation. On top of that, the CEPAL is equipped with the same HMI for maximum consistency & operator convenience. 

Pattynnovation line overview

Are you interested? Do you have any questions?

If you have more questions about our bakery solutions, please contact one of our Sales Representatives. They will be more than happy to support you.

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