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Our Bulk Solids Line at Pack EXPO 2023 steals the show! 

Pack Expo 2023 was a huge success for Pattyn North America. We couldn't be happier with our team that was on site to walk customers through the bulk solids line and we want to thank all of the visitors who stopped by our booth to see the line in action! It was an amazing few days and we can't wait to keep the conversations going that were started this week.

Experience Pack EXPO with Pattyn!

If you were unable to attend Pack EXPO 2023, don't worry - we got you covered! Our after move will take you on a virtual journey through our booth and bulk solids line.

PACK EXPO Recap Video

Our Bulk Solids Line


  • Maximizes convenience while minimizing bag cost.
  • Offers continuous operation with automatic film roll exchange.
  • Uses less film and guarantees lowest consumable cost.


  • Designed for easy use and quick cleaning, minimizing down-time.
  • Ideal for high-speed weigh filling of up to 15 containers per minute.
  • Features a hygienic design and an integrated bag holding device.


  • The DS-31 guarantees a perfect bag folding to avoid contact.
  • It ensures high liner quality through servo controlled movement and fewer moving parts.
  • The machine maximizes productivity with a 17 cases/minute capacity and quick format changes.


  • Heavy duty machine for a reliable production 24/7.
  • Standard robust taper head with open design for easy tape exchange.
  • High-quality components reduce maintenance and spare parts costs.