• Manually placing large bags into large boxes was very time-consuming
  • Implementation of the XL bagmaker inserter MAXIM-21-XL, designed for pallet containers, in combination with the XL bag folder DF-21-XL
  • Less manual labor
  • Unburdening our employees which brings efficiency benefits¬†
  • Increase capacity of 50%

JTI prepares tobacco products and packs them into bags and boxes for sale and export. Before Pattyn's machines came into play, their biggest challenge was manually placing those big bags into big boxes. Now, with automation, the process has transformed: foil bags are automatically inserted, filled with tobacco, and sealed. 

This change has eased the workload on employees and boosted capacity. Plus, the machine can run for 12 hours straight without needing any interventions. It's a win-win for everyone at JTI!

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