Protect your product

  • The DS-21-XL heat seals the bag. Tamper evident.

No box too big to handle

  • Automatic bag sealing to eliminate non ergonomic manual handling.
  • Up to 90 c/hour. 

Product description

DS-21-XL Bag sealer

The DS-21-XL automatically decuffs, regussets and heat seals the bag. The DS-21-XL handles all kinds of pallet containers (pallet boxes, octabins, wooden crates, wire mesh cages, etc.). 

The automatic bag sealing machine eliminates the non ergonomic manual handling and offers a solid addition to your packaging line.

Optionally a case closing module is available with tape or hot melt or with a strapper.

The DS-21-XL runs up to 90 c/hour (depending on the box sizes).

Combine with

Combine the DS-21-XL bag sealer with a Pattyn XL case erector and XL bag inserter to profit from a fully automated bulk packaging line.

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Discover the benefits and technical specifications
of the DS-21-XL in one handy datasheet.   


Min. L.800 x W.500 // H.650
Max. L.1400 x W.1300 // D.1500

For other dimensions, please contact us.

Cardboard box
Wire mesh cage

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