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The newest addition to the Pattyn range CDP-11, also known as the “cookie dropper”, is used to package cookies that are placed on wax sheets into a box.

Flexible system

The CDP-11 is flexible in the sense that it can be applied to production lines with 1, 2, or 3 rows of product sheets across the belt. When on the belt, these sheets can be long or short side leading. The lanes operate independently from other lanes for higher number of drops per minute.

Designed for your needs

The cookie dropper uses 2 retractable belts facing each other for accurate sheet dropping onto an intermediate table which serves as a buffer for 1 or multiple sheets while a full box is being exchanged for a new empty box. The dropper also includes a gate to hold the sheets in place before being dropped.

The standard capacity of the cookie dropper is 45 drops/minute but will allow maximum speeds of 60 drops/minute (per lane). An Optional Vision System is available to make sure no cookies are missing on a sheet or to identify and reject any product that is out of spec. Lastly, the Centering System ensures consistent positioning of the sheets prior to dropping the sheets into the box.

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Cookie dropper