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As Christmas melodies fill the air, we’re embracing the warmth, coziness and the joyous countdown to decorating our Christmas tree. Yet, in Belgium, December holds another cherished event that unites many hearts every year—Studio Brussels' De Warmste Week’, an initiative that accompanies the entire Christmas celebration.

Watch our action video below! 👇


The Flemish radio station Studio Brussel- annually organizes "'De Warmste Week," a heartwarming event to raise money for various social charities. This year, the charity focusses on offering children the opportunity to grow up without worries.

As a company, we felt the need to add our touch to make the week even warmer. And so Pattyn began walking for charity. Most of our colleagues participated in walking for charity, with every 10,000 steps earning a monetary reward for the charity event. Together, we covered an impressive 17 358 478 steps.


“We always knew we’re a company with a warm heart, but witnessing colleagues from different departments stepping up to achieve a common goal was truly heartening.”

Ben Hubert - CEO Pattyn Belgium

Yet, our management felt that as a company, we could turn up the warmth a few more degrees. During our annual winter happening, we decided to increase the amount to a nice final amount of €5207,54

We look back on this with great pride!