/ Sustainability

We heavily invested in energy neutral offices and the installation of LED lighting with the new building of Pattyn Packing Lines and Pattyn Bakery Division.

With the latest investment of €1.000.000 in solar panels, Pattyn keeps engaging for sustainable energy for the entire Pattyn Group.

3566 solar panels were installed, of which 585 on the roof of Pattyn Packing Lines, 1198 at the company Pattyn Metal Construction in Bruges and 1783 panels at the new production site Pattyn Bakery Division in France.

All the solar panels together produce about 1.050.000 Kilowatt-hour of sustainable energy per year and is mainly used to power our operations at the 3 divisions. The energy produced is sufficient to provide about 270 families with renewable energy for 1 year.

Pattyn wants to keep the energy costs as low as possible, reduce the CO² emission and actively contribute to a better environment.

Renewable energy