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We are happy to welcome Pierre Robert and Visio Nerf Team.

Pattyn has just acquired 76% of Visio Nerf, a French company specialized in vision for robotic applications. Visio Nerf has offices in Cholet (France), Detroit and Shanghai. Herewith, we are integrating an important core technology, bringing on board 25 vision engineers and strengthening our position with customers in the bread industry.

Vision is the future. And not only in everyday life. Increasingly stringent quality requirements call for better vision systems with higher resolution, stereoscopy, faster image processing and smoother calibration. Multi-camera vision systems are also needed to avoid parallax errors and shadows.

Visio Nerf has been developing this technology for 30 years. The centerpiece of Visio Nerf is the 3D camera called Cirrus, just like the cloud species. The name refers to the point cloud that a 3D camera generates to describe an object. Cirrus was launched in 2015. Now, a 2.0 version will be released, even more compact and even more powerful.

The main applications of Cirrus are "vision-guided robotic applications," on the one hand, where the 3D camera acts as the robot's eyes. Then there are "vision inspection and sorting applications" where the camera detects, sorts and eventually eliminates products based on certain criteria.

Let there be no doubt: we are looking forward to a bright future.