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Pattyn is pleased to announce the acquisition of a majority share in the company Delaere Engineering, a Deerlijk-based machinery manufacturer. This exciting partnership is an important milestone in the growth process of both companies and brings together two dynamic players with a strong West Flemish heritage.

A synergy of West Flemish innovation

Pattyn and Delaere share a remarkable synergy, offering customized solutions for the packaging industry. While Pattyn specializes in packaging lines for bag-in-box (food) products, Delaere focuses on designing and manufacturing filling lines for big bags and octabins, mainly for the (petro-)chemical and food sectors. Together, they cover a wide spectrum of packaging needs, with Pattyn excelling in 5-30kg boxes and Delaere specializing in larger packaging solutions. This complementary approach promises greater efficiency and innovation, strengthening the market position of both companies.

Pattyn and Delaere Engineering join hands

A no-nonsense culture

Delaere Engineering will retain its autonomy and leadership team, ensuring continuity and maintaining its unique brand identity. The shared values of Pattyn and Delaere, rooted in West Flanders traditions, emphasize a no-nonsense culture and ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction. This cultural alignment forms the foundation of a robust and collaborative partnership.

Growth and innovation

This strategic alliance is one of Pattyn's most significant acquisitions so far and underlines its commitment to global leadership in industrial packaging solutions. With Delaere's expertise on board, Pattyn is set to accelerate growth, expand its market reach and launch new businesses. Together, they are ready to drive innovation, capture new markets and write the next chapter of success.

We believe this acquisition will bring us a bright future together and we really look forward to it.