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M-Design Production, supplier of sheet metal work and welded constructions, is now part of the Pattyn Group.

As supplier of Pattyn Packing Lines for already 23 years, M-Design Production recovers with the acquisition its trusted name PMC (short for Pattyn Metal Construction). The decision to choose again for the name PMC was taken very quickly, where the “P” not only represents Pattyn, but also Perfection, Precision, Passion, Production and Pauwels.

The acquisition has also been realized because Pattyn strongly believes in the quality of the ISO 9001 certified PMC, and in reducing the delivery times by their Quick Response Manufacturing approach.

Ensure the growth and future of PMC

Stan Pattyn, Managing Director of the Pattyn Group: “We want to ensure the growth and future of PMC and increase the turnover by 50% to a total turnover of 3 million euro in 2020. Jan Pauwels, Managing Director of PMC, with years of experience and passion for QRM, will continue to lead the company with 16 faithful, professional and skilled employees”.

New production site

End of July 2018, PMC will move from the establishment in Zedelgem to a new production site in the Pathoekeweg in Bruges, more precisely to the former R&D building of Philips. The building will be completely renovated with special focus on sustainability. The objective of PMC is to evolve towards a “Factory of the Future” for which the company has to endure 7 key transformations.

After the move the company will invest 1,5 million euro in new high-tech machines and will focus even more on QRM. This will allow PMC to supply small series of welded and finished machine components to Pattyn on short notice and in a flexible way.

For Pattyn, which requires just-in-time delivery of small series of sheet metal work, this offers a great added-value and allows to assemble the packaging machines more quickly and efficiently.

Development of synergies

The acquisition ensures the development of synergies, having a positive impact on the cost structure. From now on, Pattyn can forward the 3D drawings of the parts from their system to PMC in an automated way, which saves a lot of time and work. Additionally parts will be put faster into production, particularly when it comes to new parts.

​​​​​​​Made in Belgium

As of 2019 PMC will work exclusively for Pattyn. Stan Pattyn: “Together we choose for the strategy “Made in Belgium”.” This means we will gradually phase-out the collaboration with other suppliers of sheet work in Poland and Spain. The well organised workflow and innovative machines ensure that PMC will continue to deliver quality at the most competitive price.”

Jan Pauwels: “The acquisition enables us to continue to grow in a healthy way. In addition, it’s a dream that comes true. With our customers we continuously choose for a long-term relationship in which PMC acts as a kind of extended workshop. We take the complete sheet work into account, so the customer only has to focus on its core business. It’s important to think along with our customers and to co-engineer where possible to ensure a win-win situation. Today this dream comes true, in which PMC will be the extended workshop of Pattyn in the near future.”