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In this third blog post we will discuss how an automated packaging line does not only increase your productivity and efficiency, but also improves food safety. 

New regulations

As a food processing company you follow very strict rules during the production of your food products. In this way, it prevents products from being contaminated before being packed. Therefore the next step, the packaging process also needs to meet the required food safety regulations.

As new and strict regulations are being issued almost every year, the need for a hygienic operation increases. With every new hygiene requirement, it becomes more difficult for an operation to run as smooth as before.

Eliminate contamination

The main challenge is to reduce human contact or avoid it altogether. To eliminate this risk of contamination an automated packaging line from case erecting to case closing is the way to go. The bagmaker inserter, for instance, makes bags from a reel and opens the bag just-in-time before inserting it into the box. This eliminates the risk of contamination as the timeframe in which the bag is open is short. It’s opened just before filling and closed directly after. The hygienic design of the machines also allows a quick and easy cleaning.

Competitive advantage

Another benefit of investing in increased hygiene is the competitive advantage. Having a food safety label allows companies to differentiate themselves from those who only do the bare minimum to abide by the rules and regulations.

Longer shelf-life

There is more. To prolong the shelf-life of your food products, the bag decuffer sealer high end is able to heat seal the bag with vacuumizing and gas flushing options. This delays the expiration date and allows you to increase your range to ship to customers in more remote parts of the world.


To summarize, increased food safety as a result of an automated packing lines gives you more than just the obvious benefits. It also gives you a competitive advantage and upgrades the shelf-life of your products.

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