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In the previous article we highlighted 3 benefits of industrial food packaging automation. In this post we will dive into the first benefit: Increase labor efficiency and deal with demand peaks.

Dealing with an increased demand, because of big orders or seasonal peaks, requires a high level of flexibility which is almost impossible to cover by workforce. Being able to increase and decrease production with a "push of the button" of an automated packaging line is often the only solution.

Ever-decreasing labor pool

World-wide the unemployment rate has been decreasing on a yearly basis. Since 2016 we have seen a decrease in unemployment rates from roughly 204 million to 172 million in 2018. According to the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development this downward trend is expected to continue through the year 2021. While these are positive statistics, we shed light on what this means for companies.

Keep your production running at optimal capacity

Companies that need to keep their operations adequately staffed find their operational efficiency impacted and struggle to keep their production running at an optimal capacity. Automation offers an efficient solution to this decreasing labor pool. It offers an increase in production whenever required and almost fully eliminates the risk of human errors.

Especially seasonal food products with fluctuating demand often need a quick solution to increase or decrease production that only automated packaging lines can offer.

Ease of use

At Pattyn we are not only specialized in automating the packaging process from case erecting to case closing, we also put special emphasis on the ease of use of our equipment.

Each respective piece of our packaging lines is recipe driven and very easy to use. Pattyn equipment allows changeovers, such as the changeover of one box format to another, as simple as touching a screen. Whether your technician wishes to enter or edit parameters for machine functions or access troubleshoot outputs, all can be performed with the intuitive human machine interface.

Focus on core tasks

Thanks to the automation of packaging processes people will find themselves in more fulfilling positions and will be able to focus on the core tasks of the company.

It is beyond doubt that automation will remain a major tool in making you more competitive in today’s market.

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