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During these challenging times, we have seen a lot of initiatives, big and small, to help those working in the healthcare sector. Josep Anton Lopez, Managing Director of GMP was no different and also offered his services to help.

Lack of body protectors for doctors and nurses

Josep Anton Lopez: “There are many product shortages in the healthcare sector for the moment and the need for a quick response. While reading the newspaper on Sunday evening, an article describing the lack of body protectors for doctors and nurses in hospitals drew my special attention. I thought if GMP might be able to adapt a part of its production process and make something that could be of any use to hospitals, that would be fantastic.

I promptly sent a message to our Technical Manager to share my idea and to see what GMP could do. According to him, adapting a part of the production process would be rather complicated. But upon arrival at GMP the following day, I found myself surprised by several prototypes of single-use plastic aprons to protect doctors and nurses.

After only two days we managed to produce the plastic aprons and even added a special feature to quickly and easily tear them off after use to avoid any contamination. Sabic, our main raw material supplier decided to collaborate and to supply the raw material required to make these aprons.”

”I’m very proud of my team who was so quick to rise to the challenge of creating the single-use plastic aprons.”

Aprons for use in the healthcare sector

“It did not take long for the Spanish government to accept the offer and currently GMP is manufacturing 500.000 aprons to be used in the healthcare sector. With the help of Paul Pattyn, GMP is now also in contact with the Belgian hospitals to supply aprons there as well.

We are all going through a difficult time and I notice how these kind of projects are also appreciated by the team. It boosts morale and motivation for keeping up the daily work!”