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With Argo Data you easily manage your production data. The system enables you to automatically collect and secure data from your packaging line, to analyse it and to transfer the data to your ERP or MES software. 

What can Argo Data V2 do for you? 

Connect the different machines to our database
Argo Data connects all equipment of the PBD packaging line with our software, taking into consideration the various protocols used by the different machines of the line.

Historize data automatically into our database
Data of the entire packaging line can be collected. In case of a disconnection between the line and our database, the data are still captured and transferred once the connection has been recovered.

Generate reports 
After data collection you easily generate different kinds of live reports (usually on the supervisor screen). 


Improved productivity

Argo Data enables the organization to gain information and to track parameters needed to boost production efficiency. On top of collecting production data, it also supports analytics and preventive maintenance plans.

Standard Services

The Argo Data V2 solution is offered as a package including the following 4 services: Connection, Hardware & software to capture data, Reports & Communication.

Easily manage your production data

One of the first Argo Data systems has been installed at our customer La Lorraine Barchon. They can now easily manage their production data and optimize their production tool.

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