• Automated solution to count and package delicate products
  • Increase speed & accuracy
  • Fully automated counting, batch creating and packing at high speed

  • Increased productivity and accuracy 

  • Less time needed to complete the process

Skroz Dobra Pekara (Serbia)

Skroz Dobra Pekara is a Serbian family company founded in 1999 which has fast become one of the largest industrial bakeries in the country. They offer a vast variety of fresh and frozen bakery and pastry products in more than 70 bakeries across the country and several supermarkets across the continent. Committed to innovation, both in automating its production line and offering new, exciting, and tasty products, a new bakery and pastry plant was opened in 2013, scaling up the quantity and improving the quality of production. Today, Skroz Dobra Pekara has become a market leader whilst maintaining a 
next-door bakery charm, synonymous with good taste and customer satisfaction.

With the fast growth in the last couple of years, their equipment could no longer keep up with the production requirements. On the particular production line, they produce bakery products of varying shapes and sizes, and therefore needed a unique solution that would be easy to use and maintain by their operators.

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