• Automate bag insertion process using 15 µm perforated bags.
  • Minimize the consumable costs.
  • Installation of a Flexim-31 bagmaker inserter.
  • Automated bag insertion at required capacity
  • Reduced bag cost by 30%
  • Improved product quality

Coplacsil (Tenerife, Spain)

SCL Coplacsil, founded in 1985, is an agro-food company, specialized in the processing and packaging of bananas. To process the bananas in the best possible conditions they work together with banana farmers located in the town of Las Galletas, Tenerife. With about 112 farmers, the company achieves an annual production of around 10.000.000 kilos.

As of 2016 their wholesale customers and banana ripeners requested more and more banana products packed into boxes, provided with a PE bag. To meet these requirements, they needed an automated solution to pack banana products packed into carton trays.

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