• Replace the existing line with new optimised machine technology.
  • Minimize cost of manpower and increase the line capacity.
  • Installation of a complete and fully automated edible fats line from case erecting to case closing.
  • Use of boxes and pails on one line
  • Stop of three-shift system
  • Increased capacity up to 8 boxes/min and up to 4 pails/min
  • Company turnover doubled over the last few years

Nutriswiss (Switzerland)

Nutriswiss is a subsidiary of the Centravo group in Switzerland and part of the division Oils and Fats. They refine oils and fats as well as fat mixtures that are primarily used in the food and luxury food industry. One of their main products is instant formula, a classical baby food.

The company is packaging its products in cardboard boxes for many years. They’ve had a Pattyn line in the past but after 25 years it was up for replacement.

Now they implemented an edible fats packaging line for 10 kg and 25 kg boxes and 25 kg pails.


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