• Fill a range of semi-liquid products into lined cartons at high speed
  • Minimize cost of manpower and packaging material
  • Installation of a complete and fully automated palm oil packaging line from case erecting to case closing
  • Fully automated line, with capacity of up to 10,5 ton / hour
  • One operator line
  • Best price / bag thanks to the use of tubing parent film rolls
  • Maximum hygienic conditions, using film from a reel and conveyors with roof

New Britain Oils (UK)

New Britain Oils (now part of Sime Darby Oils) is one of the world's leading producers of certified sustainable palm oil and derivatives. They offer their own branded range of frying oils and bakery ingredients as well as bulk products for industrial use in the food and personal care sector.

The company required a complete and fully automated high speed packaging line for their new plant in Liverpool. The new line needed to pack and weigh fill refined palm oil into poly bag lined 12,5 kg boxes.

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