• Lots of manual processing
  • Inconsistent packaging quality
  • Fully automatic line including bag inserter, multihead weighfiller, bag sealer and case closer
  • Less manual work
  • Higher efficiency 
  • More consistent packaging quality

Nakheel's dates nourish the country and individuals

Nakheel Oman Development Company, is one of the world's largest producers of date palm products and by-products. Their mission is simple yet profound; engage in sustainable agriculture to produce better and healthier food, fostering a better life and better world. 

Beyond their renowned high-quality dates from 11 farms, they craft a variety of date-based ingredients like date powder, date syrup and clarified liquid date sugar

These versatile ingredients find their way into various food-drink applications such as in the baking industry, breakfast cereals, dry mixes, snack bars and so much more. Suitable for people of all ages, these wholesome raw materials ensure a healthy and better life. 

Discover the solution

A new bag-in-box solution for Nakheel's dates

Nakheel's main drive in improving their packaging processes was to enhance efficiency, streamline production, and increase the quality of their packaging procedures. Challenges like lots of manual handling, inconsistent packaging quality and a growing demand led them to Pattyn’s doorstep. 

"Our choice for Pattyn was driven by their technological compatibility and commitment to customer satisfaction," shares Mr. Abdullah Al Rawahi, director of Nizwa Dates Industrial Complex at Nahkeel Oman.

Nakheel found the ideal match for their product with Pattyn thanks to its custom design. Moreover, the functionalities perfectly aligned with the features and requirements of Nakheel’s products. 

“Pattyn’s customization options were a game-changer. They made sure to tackle the specific dimensions, weights, and packaging issues that are inherent in our product line. Pattyn understood our products as well as we do”, Abdullah continues.

Exceeding expectations

The transition to the new packaging line was remarkably smooth, with no noteworthy technical issues.

Robin Vanneste, project manager of Pattyn Belgium, notes,

 “During the implementation, minor challenges arose, but thanks to the seamless communication with the Nakheel team we could resolve them immediately.”

Mr. Al Rahawi agrees,

 “Pattyn’s commitment to providing quality solutions, combined with their attentive customer service, makes them a reliable partner in the packaging industry.”

The installed line is a comprehensive packaging solution, including the carton erector, multihead weigher, bag sealing and case closing machine. This upgrade brings a significant boost to Nakheel’s operations, making things run even more effortlessly. 

A winning team

Working with a reliable partner is invaluable. Pattyn's dedication to delivering top-notch solutions has turned Nakheel’s date production into an efficient and reliable packaging operation.

In conclusion, Nakheel extends heartfelt gratitude to Pattyn for their collaborative efforts, acknowledging the positive impact of their packaging processes. Cheers to a fruitful partnership! 

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