Maximum Automation on minimum footprint

  • Compact and high speed pick & place system
  • Box conveying engineered for an optimal flow
  • Consistent packing of your products - 24/7
  • Non-conform products are ejected

One solution for all types of frozen bread products

  • Quick changeover between products & boxes
  • In-line product specific quality control & counting
  • Robot picking adaptable to a wide range of products
  • Bulk products can be packed independently from the robots

Product description


An innovative and unique pick&place robot solution for any type of frozen product, the Argoflex-41 seamlessly integrates quality control through 3D and color vision, counting, and pick&place packaging into one comprehensive system.

Our advanced 3D and color scanning system ensures precise shape recognition, allowing only flawless products to be selected. Non-conforming items are immediately identified and excluded from the process. Customized solutions cater to various packaging types, connecting seamlessly to flow wrappers and horizontal packaging machines. Upstream buffering of empty boxes at each filling station guarantees continuous operation, maintaining optimal flow with containers conveyed short-side up.

The unique software maximizes robot efficiency, minimizing interference with products and maximizing speed, thanks to delta robots. A diverse range of customized grippers ensures single pick/single place picking with precision.

The optional direct bulk filling station MEC-11, combined with 3D vision counting and the optional bottom-up-finger system, accurately separates product flows into batches, facilitating a smooth transition between different products on the same line.

The Argoflex-41 Handles (per robot):

  • Up to 4500 products/hour 


Combine with

Combine the Argoflex-41 with a Pattyn case erector, bag inserter, bag sealercase closer and palletizer to profit from a fully automated bulk packaging line.

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