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Pack Expo East comes around every other year and it's one you don't want to miss.

With an incredible turnout, it proved to be an exceptional few days, brimming with enriching conversations, live demonstrations of our cutting-edge equipment, and the chance to reconnect with both familiar and new faces.

We relish the opportunity to greet you in person, discuss ongoing projects, and uncover new possibilities firsthand.

A big thank you to everyone who visited our booth, eager to discover more about or innovative packaging solutions.

At Pack Expo East we showcased how we can automatically make and insert PE bags from a reel of film into boxes, crates or trays with our ZIM-31 Bagmaker Inserter

  • Continuous production
  • Inserting bags perfectly up to 14 cases/minute
  • Quick and ergonomic film roll loading
  • Super compact footprint


Maximize your efficiency by integrating our ZIM-31 Bagmaker Inserter with a comprehensive lineup of Pattyn equipment, including a case erector, weigh filler, bag closer, case closer, and palletizer. With this fully automated bulk packaging line, streamline your operations and unlock a new level of productivity.


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