• To gently pack the fragile walnuts at high capacity
  • To extend product shelf life
  • Installation of a complete packaging line including a case erector, bag inserter, filler with shaking system, vacuum heat sealer with 2 sealing stations, case closer and metal detector
  • Enhanced product quality
  • Increased capacity of 12 c/min
  • Extended product shelf life
  • Perfectly sealed bags

Prima Noce Packing (USA)

Prima Noce Packing is located in the heart of California’s nut growing area, Linden. It is a family owned company with a long history growing, processing and packing walnuts, cherries and apples for domestic and export use. In the recently expanded facility in Linden, they have invested extensively in the latest technology and plant design to produce the freshest, most consistent and shellfree walnuts.

Using the latest technology to produce high quality premium walnuts, they also required a flexible and high quality solution to gently pack walnuts into lined 25-30 lb boxes.

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