• Automated solution to insert bags into boxes.
  • Increase productivity.



  • Installation of a Flexim-31 Bagmaker inserter to pack various seafood into 20 lb and 30 lb boxes
  • Perfectly and completely inserted bags into boxes, at 16 cases per minute.

  • Increase of 29% in productivity.


High Liner Foods (Portsmouth, NH – USA)

High Liner Foods is North Americas largest prepared seafood processing operation. Founded in 1899 they have come to be a company comprised of great people and strong brands with a dedication to excellence. Today their retail brands are sold throughout the United States and Canada in just about every major supermarket chain, club store and food service distribution channel.  With just over 1,200 employees High Liner Foods reaches not only the US and Canada but China, Iceland, and Thailand.

High Liner Foods first started working with Pattyn when they purchased their first batch of bag inserters for the Virginia facility a few years back and have since been pleased with their performance. The need arose for a new bag inserter at the New Hampshire plant and also at this facility they wanted to replace the existing brand with a Pattyn Flexim-31 Bagmaker Inserter.  

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