• Improve the quality and flexibility of the current packaging process
  • Double the capacity
  • Upgrade of the existing filling station and integration of a case erector and bag inserter
  • A storage area with empty cases is no longer needed
  • Perfectly inserted bags
  • Limited product drop level and no product spillage
  • Flexibility to pack with the same line both deep frozen sour cherries in 10 kg or 14 kg boxes or in consumer bags (packed into one box)
  • Running double capacity of 8 t/h of frozen cherries

Elixir Food (Serbia)

The company Elixir Food is part of the “Elixir group” and is specialised in processing, cooling, freezing and storing fruit and vegetables in fresh or frozen condition.

As one of the largest fruit and vegetable processing factories, Elixir Food was looking to improve the flexibility and quality of their packaging process and to double their capacity.

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