Solid chocolate

Solid chocolate packaging line

Looking for a high-quality solution to pack solid chocolate into lined containers from 5 -30 kg? With over 60 years of experience and know-how, Pattyn offers you fully automated turnkey lines minimizing your product giveaway and maximizing your efficiency. Together with you we find the best solution according to your needs.

  • Minimize product giveaway.
  • Increase capacity.
  • Gentle product treatment.
  • Minimize down-time.
  • Accurate linear belt vibratory weigh filler with vibratory fine dosing.
  • Fast coarse filling of chocolate using belt technology.
  • Weighing directly in the box ensures low drop height.
  • Quick & easy cleaning of belt.
  • Case erector – bagmaker inserter

    The Ceflex-21, only one machine for case erecting and bagmaking – inserting. You save on floor space thanks to the compact footprint. Speed up to 12 c/min.

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  • Linear belt vibratory weigh filler

    With the LBVF-34A one head linear filler you easily and accurately fill your solid chocolate products.

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  • Bag heat sealer

    The automatic bag heat sealer DS-11 provides a perfectly sealed bag to protect your solid chocolate products. Speed up to 15 c/min.

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  • Case closer

    The case closer CC-11-E automatically folds the top case flaps and closes them with tape. Result is a well closed box, ready to be transported. Standard speed 15 c/min.

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Chocolate packing machine

With our unique expertise in the packing and filling of solid chocolate into lined 5-30 kg containers, we provide a valuable contribution to the optimization of your packaging process.

You rely on specialists supporting you to find the right solution from case erecting to case closing. Pattyn also integrates OEM equipment, taking full responsibility of the complete line.

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Looking for a solid chocolate packaging solution? Pattyn thinks along with you and provides the machinery you need.