Fruit, vegetables & nuts

Unique fruit, vegetables & nuts XL line

Looking for a high-quality solution to safely pack your fruit, vegetable or nuts into lined pallet containers? With over 60 years of experience and know-how, Pattyn offers you fully automated lines offering maximum ergonomics. Together with you we find the best solution according to your needs.

  • Improve ergonomics
  • Increase autonomy
  • Improve hygiene & food safety
  • Packing into various pallet containers
  • Fully automated bag insertion and bag closing into pallet containers
  • Bagmaker inserter runs up to 10 hours of production
  • Bag sealing and automatic placing of a top sheet ensures product protection during transport
  • The bagmaker inserter handles many different containers: pallet boxes, octabins, plastic & metallic containers, wooden crates, wire mesh cages.
  • 1. XL Case erector

    The CE-11-XL case erector automatically forms pallet boxes. Speed up to 120 c/hour.

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  • 2. XL Bagmaker Inserter

    Offering maximum ergonomics, the poly bag inserter MAXIM-21-XL makes and inserts bags automatically into pallet boxes, octabins or crates. Speed up to 4 c/min.

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  • 3. OEM Weigh filler

    Pattyn integrates any kind of OEM weigh filler, guaranteeing the appropriate solution for your product and required filling capacity.

  • 4. XL Bag sealer DS-21-XL

    The automatic DS-21-XL bag heat sealer provides a perfectly sealed bag to protect your fruit, vegetables & nuts. Speed up to 120 c/hour.

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Unique fruit, vegetables & nuts XL line

Pattyn offers a unique range of XL machines to automate the packaging and filling of fruit, vegetables & nuts into lined pallet boxes, octabins, plastic & metallic containers, wooden crates or wire mesh cages. As turn key supplier Pattyn integrates OEM equipment and various transport systems, such as conveyors or AGV's, to offer you a complete and fully automated solution.

You rely on specialists supporting you to find the right solution from case erecting to case closing.

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Looking for a fruit, vegetable & nuts XL packaging solution? Pattyn thinks along with you and provides the machinery you need.