Bread packaging line

Looking for a bread packaging solution? With over 25 years of experience and more than 400 bread packaging lines across the 5 continents, we offer our automated line using 3D vision and robotics for the packaging of all your raw, par baked and, baked frozen industrial bread products.

Thanks to our proven technologies, we are able to offer you turnkey solutions from the outfeed of your production line to the final storage.

  • Have a precise amount of products in your packaging unit.
  • Only pack those products within your customer specifications.
  • High speed production lines (10 000 loaves/hour, 12 000 baguettes/hour, 80 000 rolls/hour).
  • Pack a large variety of products from the same production line (ciabattas, loaves, baguettes rolls …)
  • A unique vision counting machine, offering 25 years of successive development, which is the reference on the market (often imitated, never equalled).
  • All packing lines can host quality control systems with the most accurate rejection systems on the market.
  • The fastest production lines on the market are equipped with Pattyn solutions, presenting a large range of proven applications worldwide.
  • Our hybrid solution with robotic case filling/counting and conventional case filling is able to manage a large variety of products.
  • 1. Case erecting

    The fully automatic case erector CE-11-P forms perfectly rectangular boxes, guaranteeing a trouble-free packaging process.

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  • 2. Bagmaker inserter

    Offering maximum efficiency and low packaging cost, the poly bag inserter Flexim-31 makes and inserts bags automatically into boxes.

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  • 3. Counting & filling

    Our hybrid packaging system combines the counting application with a robotic case packing system, sharing the same vision system at the infeed of the packaging line.

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  • 4. Robotic filling

    Our robotic solutions allow a dimensional quality control, and can pick up products requiring a specific handling because of fragility, particular shape or specific packaging pattern in the box.

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  • 5. Bag heat sealer

    The automatic bag heat sealer DS-11 provides a perfectly sealed bag to protect your bread.

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  • 6. Case closer

    The case closer automatically folds the top case flaps and closes them with tape. Result is a well closed box, ready to be transported.

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Packing patterns

  • Ciabattas
  • Special baguettes
  • Bread loaves
  • Small bread loaves
  • Small breads
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Bread robotic filling and packaging

We can handle all kinds of products and packaging at the highest production speeds in the market.

Thanks to our range of standard or robotized solutions we can guide you to choose the best possible technology to optimise your packaging process and its added value.

Besides being the leader for B to B packaging, we can also offer you solutions for B to C packaging.