Keep your machine updated

Keep your machine updated

Benefit from the latest developments
Our R&D team is continuously working to improve the standard packaging machines. As Pattyn customer you also benefit from this latest technology. You can choose between several upgrade packages to enhance the performance, lifetime, production capacity and user experience of your current packaging machines.

We offer following upgrade packages:

• New bagmaking module
• New beams
• Retracting stretcher plates decuffer control
• User friendly display

Extend your machine lifetime
The average life time of Pattyn equipment easily surpasses 10 years and longer. When required, the damaged mechanical parts can be remanufactured and replaced. For the defective electric and electronic components which are no longer available for replacement, we offer retrofit solutions.

Update your machine
Your business changes and also your demands regarding your equipment. Machine options which were not necessary at the moment of purchase, can become crucial in a later stage for the continuity of your growth. Our service team will be happy to assist you which new options will generate added-value. For a smooth implementation of the retrofit options you rely on our qualified service engineers.


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