Full customer experience

Full customer experience

The Pattyn service team is at your disposal to support you with high quality services. Whether you need support by phone, by Remote Diagnostics or technical assistance on-site, you receive a quick response to your service needs wherever you are located.

Next to the remote support and on-site interventions we offer you customer services giving you peace of mind. In this way you can focus on your core business and meet your daily challenges and production schedules. Pattyn offers you pre-inspection agreements, maintenance agreements and extended warranty agreements.

Advantages of a pre-inspection agreement
Pattyn takes care of your equipment. During a pre-inspection visit your machines or complete line is thoroughly checked and fine-tuned. On top of that your maintenance manager remains up-to-date.

Long term benefits of a maintenance agreement (in combination with pre-inspection)
Based on the pre-inspection visit, the actual maintenance will be executed. During this visit we assist you to maintain your packaging equipment in an optimal condition and replace preventively the moving parts which are subject to wear.
This ensures a high performance level of your equipment, minimizes downtime and extends your machine life-time.

Benefits of an extended warranty agreement (offered at the purchase of new equipment)
The extended warranty agreement offers you the full package. On top of the extended warranty from 12 months to 24 or 36 months, this service also includes one pre-inspection visit and one maintenance visit per year.

Contact us at support@pattyn.com to find out which service fits you best.


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