100% customer satisfaction

100% Customer satisfaction

Our service team is specialised in their field and committed to make you 100% satisfied.

Professional installation & start-up
Your equipment or complete line is implemented in the shortest time possible by one of our experienced and multi-skilled service engineers. All functionalities of the equipment are thoroughly checked in cooperation with your operators. The start-up also includes an intensive training of your operators and technicians.

Continuity of your packaging line
All spare parts are quickly delivered to your premises to ensure the continuity of your packaging line and to keep you running. If the required spare parts are available ex stock, we arrange an express delivery within the next hours.

Next to the express shipment of parts our after sales team has a lot more to offer. They configure and inform you about the recommended spare part list and prepare the spare part manual matched to your specific requirements.

​For any service or technical support, don't hesitate to contact our service department.


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All industries (Belgium)

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Bakery (France) ​

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All industries (Belgium)

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All industries (USA) 

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Bakery Industry (France) ​

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