Satisfied Pattyn customers

Satisfied Pattyn customers

Satisfied Pattyn customers

Satisfied customers

We provide packaging solutions that reinforce our customers’ competitive strengths and are fortunate to be the preferred supplier to a large base of loyal and satisfied customers worldwide.

The following testimonials and case studies are just a few samples of implementations in different industries.

  • Gunnar Dafgard AB (Sweden)

    Gunnar Dafgard AB (Sweden)

    “The fully automated and flexible line ensures an efficient packaging of different bread products at the highest quality standards.”

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  • New Britain Oils (UK)

    New Britain Oils (UK)

    “With the integration of a fully automated semi-liquid line, the packaging area has become a one man operation, keeping our running cost to a minimum.”

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  • Pano Verschluß (Germany)

    Pano Verschluß (Germany)

    “We required a combined case erector – bag inserter, producing bags from a roll, to be independent of film suppliers and to respond quickly to increased production capacities.”

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  • Inter Europol (Poland)

    Inter Europol (Poland)

    “The total running cost of the new packaging line is much lower and we keep our film cost under control.”

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  • British American Tobacco (UK)

    British American Tobacco (UK)

    “The introduction of the Pattyn equipment has allowed BAT to utilise their resource effectively in other areas and reduce their costs.”

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  • Elixir Food (Serbia)

    Elixir Food (Serbia)

    “We combined our existing filling unit with a new case erector and bag inserter, which resulted in a flexible automated packaging process.”

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