Rauh GmbH (Germany)
Rauh GmbH (Germany)

“With the CE-11-P Case erector and ZIM-11 Bag inserter we now easily handle 2 different footprints randomly without intervention of an operator."

Rauh GmbH (Germany)

Mr. Michael Blüchel, Production Manager

Rauh GmbH (Germany)

The Rauh Group with headquarters in Küps, produces caps, strap locks and screw caps. The family owned company has 3 locations in Germany and Slovenia and is a leading supplier of fasteners in Europe. In 1947 the company was founded by Bartholomäus Rauh and is producing strap locks since 1949. Parallel to an investment in new machinery for manufacturing bottle caps, they wanted to automate the case erecting and bag inserting process.

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Product & containers

Caps & Food packaging

Bottle caps packed into small and large boxes.


  • Handle 2 different footprints randomly with only one case erector and bag inserter.
  • Form boxes with or without insertion of PE bags.


Automation of the case erecting and bag inserting process


  • Fully automated carton erecting and bag inserting process.
  • Responding quickly to increased production capacity and customers' requests.