Massilly Scandinavia (Denmark)
Massilly Scandinavia (Denmark)

“The ZIM-11 bag inserter is even more compact than a manual working station.”

Massilly Scandinavia (Denmark)

Mr. Ole Aksel Hansen, Production Manager

Massilly Scandinavia (Denmark)

Massilly Scandinavia is part of the France concern Massilly Group, with a history that goes back to 1911. They are specialized in manufacturing all kinds of metal packaging such as: sealing caps, tin food cans, aerosols, decorated cans,... Today Massilly has production units in several locations worldwide. In Denmark Massilly produces sealing caps in metal and aluminum in 3 shifts, with a yearly production of app. 300 to 350 mill caps or 350.000 to 400.000 boxes a year.

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Product & containers

Caps & Food packaging

Sealing caps packed into RC-Boxes.


  • Integration of a compact machine.
  • Easy to use machine


Installation of the automatic and super compact bag inserter ZIM-11


  • Improved line efficiency
  • Improved working environment
  • Reduced bag cost