La Lorraine Bakery Group (Belgium)
La Lorraine Bakery Group (Belgium)

“Thanks to the implementation of the Argo Data our production management easily collects and traces all operations of our packaging line.”

La Lorraine Bakery Group (Belgium)

Mr. Bernard Hesbois, Packaging manager

La Lorraine Bakery Group (Belgium)

La Lorraine Bakery Group is a Belgian family company founded in 1939 which has become one of the leaders in the European industrial bakery sector. Thanks to an innovation strategy and dynamic international expansion, the group is now established in numerous European countries. The site in Belgium is active in fresh and frozen bakery products. Because their equipment no longer met the production requirements, they wanted to install a new generation, fully automated production line.

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Product & containers

Bread - Standard case filling

Fresh and frozen bread products to be packed in lined cases


  • Bagging machines handling non-standard bags.
  • Guarantee accurate counting.
  • Ensure a reliable, flexible and safe solution.
  • Provide a traceability tool.
  • Improve operator comfort.


Installation of a new fully automated bread packaging line, including a 3D-vision counting device, 2 vertical XL bagging machines, a bagging system and a boxing system.


  • Fully automated & flexible production line
  • Produce bags up to 600 mm wide
  • Manage important data of the line
  • Easy maintenance and operator friendly HMI