Kipco-Damaco (Belgium)
Kipco-Damaco (Belgium)

“The automated and flexible packaging process of our poultry products allows us to increase our productivity and switch easily from boxes to crates.”

Kipco-Damaco (Belgium)

Mr. Bruno Vandaele, General Director

Kipco-Damaco (Belgium)

KIPCO-DAMACO NV is a major supplier in proteins, such as poultry meat, beef, pork and lamb. Today the company exports to 102 countries worldwide. They wanted to further improve and strengthen their market position worldwide.

Mr. Bruno Vandaele commented: “We only had a manual application in our HQ in Belgium to pack our poultry products into boxes and crates. In order to enhance our business and increase our efficiency, we needed to invest in a completely automated process to pack and fill our poultry products.”

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Product & containers

Meat & Poultry - 5 to 30 kg boxes

Poultry packed in lined boxes and crates


  • Increase the efficiency and productivity of the actual packaging process
  • Ensure a hygienic process


Fully automated stainless steel packaging line for poultry products, including the DS-21-HE to vacuumize bags before sealing.


  • One-operator line
  • Easy switch from boxes to crates and vice versa
  • Higher production in a shorter period
  • Hygienic packaging process