Inter Europol (Poland)
Inter Europol (Poland)

“The total running cost of the new packaging line is much lower and we keep our film cost under control.”

Inter Europol (Poland)

Mr. Śmiechowski, President

Inter Europol (Poland)

Inter Europol Piekarnia Szwajcarska (Poland) is the first bakery on the Polish market offering a various bread assortment of traditional Swiss, French and Danish bread products.

The company offers fresh daily products as well as frozen bread products to hypermarkets, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, and petrol stations.

Inter Europol Piekarnia Szwajcarska carries the same values Pattyn: aiming for technological perfection and protection of natural environment. They needed to raise their capacity and efficiency and to lower their running costs.

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Product & containers

Bread - Standard case filling

Fresh and frozen bread products to be packed in lined cases


  • Installation of a second complete bread line, increasing the capacity and efficiency
  • Lower the running costs


Installation of a new fully automated bread packaging line, including a case erector, bag inserter and bag decuffer sealer


  • Trouble-free and continuous packaging process, running 24/7
  • Less film cost and less film consumption by using very thin PE made-to-measure bags
  • Optimization stock of PE film