Haleakala Walnut Shelling Inc. (USA)
Haleakala Walnut Shelling Inc. (USA)

“The customer service we received and continue to receive is beyond excellent.”

Haleakala Walnut Shelling Inc. (USA)

Ms. Jeanne Thomas, General Manager

Haleakala Walnut Shelling Inc. (USA)

Haleakala Walnut Shelling, Inc. is a three generation family owned walnut grower and processor specializing in high quality shelled walnut products with a packing facility in Northern California.

Ms. Jeanne Thomas explains : “We had been using a mostly manual packing set up since the inception of our company. Approximately a year and a half ago we decided to upgrade our packaging equipment. After investigating options and observing some of our business associates machinery we decided to go with Pattyn.“

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Product & containers

Fruit, vegetables & nuts - 5 to 30 kg boxes

Shelled walnuts


  • Increase capacity


Installation of a CEFLEX-21 box erector – bagmaker inserter 


  • Pack at speeds that were never known before