British American Tobacco (UK)
British American Tobacco (UK)

“The introduction of the Pattyn equipment has allowed BAT to utilise their resource effectively in other areas and reduce their costs.”

British American Tobacco (UK)

Mr. Sean Callaghan, Engineering Manager

British American Tobacco (UK)

British American Tobacco is one of the world’s leading tobacco groups, with more than 300 quality brands sold in 180 markets around the world.

The subsidiary company BAT Corby (UK) expands tobacco for export purposes to other BAT Operating Companies and third-parties.

They had already invested in a tobacco weigh filler, and now needed to automate their packaging process completely, from case erecting, bagmaking and inserting to bag folding and box closing.

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Product & containers


Expanded tobacco to be packed in telescopic C48 / C96 boxes


  • An efficient and fully automated tobacco packaging process
  • Ensure a hygienic process


Combine the existing tobacco weigh filler with a fully automated XL case erector, bagmaker inserter and bag folder


  • Only one operator is required instead of two
  • Fully automated process, without manual intervention
  • A storage area to store preassembled boxes with bags is no longer needed
  • Perfectly placed bags (no more air between bag & box)