Al Foah (UAE)
Al Foah (UAE)

“Our dates are now accurately packed in 5 kg and 10 kg boxes at the highest quality standards."


Al Foah (UAE)

Mr. Sarmad Abdulhameed, Maintenance & Engineering Manager

Al Foah (UAE)

Al Foah based in the United Arab Emirates, is one of the leading suppliers of dates. The public utility company has different date factories and the largest organic farm in the world, using the latest technologies in date palm cultivation and dates production. The development of the date factories was an important challenge for Al Foah because accessing the international markets requires high quality dates in sufficient quantities and a luxurious branded packaging. Currently Al Foah exports dates to 44 countries across the globe.

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Product & containers

Fruit, vegetables & nuts - 5 to 30 kg boxes

Dates, packed into 5 kg and 10 kg boxes


  • Automated filling of sticky dates
  • Increase capacity and improve accuracy
  • Improve quality of packed products


Installation of a complete dates line up to 9,6 tons/hour


  • Fully automated line, including product press with shaking & compacting system
  • High speed line up to 9,6 tons / hour
  • Minimum product give-away
  • Perfectly closed box, ready to be transported